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Planning Expert

Planning a wedding is a full time job and can be extremely stressful. Let Events by Dallas help organize and guide you through this process. In addition to helping you plan your perfect day, Events by Dallas also provides the following services:

Details of the table at an elegant Northern California wedding

Wedding Day Services 30-day planning 

30-Day Event Coordination 

Ideal Package For:

DIY Bride


Venue Required Planner/Coordinator


Private Estate Wedding Location


Want to the Planning Themselves 


Consultation with bride and groom to find out information about their wedding and determine how they wish the wedding to flow 30-60 days before the event date 


Assist with the ceremony rehearsal and Wedding Day timeline, Itinerary.


 Checking with vendors to confirm arrangements for the wedding


  Attendance and direction at the rehearsal (up to two hours) 

 Attending, overseeing, and directing the Ceremony and Reception (up to 10 hours. 

Partial Planning Assistance Wedding Day Services.

Ideal For:

Private Estate Wedding Location

Great for DIY Bride wanting assistance during your planning process


Event Venue Requires a Planner/Coordinator


Includes 30-day planning package plus..

Offer continuous phone support from booking through the event date.


Prepare a rehearsal and wedding day itinerary.


Rental assistance 


Recommend local vendors that we know and trust


Check in with vendors to confirm arrangements as well as direct them on the day on your special day.


Touring of the venue with selected vendors


Attend and direct the wedding rehearsal.

Attend, oversee, and direct the ceremony and reception on the wedding day

Rustic beauty of a Nevada City wedding


Looking for local vendors that you can trust? Let us give you some recommendations. We have been working with vendors in this county for years and have a list of preferred vendors that we would love to put you in contact with.


There are few things that we enjoy more than setting up a wedding. Making sure the isle is perfectly strait, putting each table setting in it place, and ensuring that every decorative piece is included.


The last thing that we want our couples doing on their wedding day is working. Let our staff do it for you. Let us set up the tables and chairs, serve your guests their meals and make their drinks. Our hired professionals make your day easy.

Elegant flowers for a Northern California wedding
Guest chairs are ready for a beautiful wedding in Nevada City, CA
Event staff ready to serve at an Events by Dallas wedding in Northern California


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